For my last studio at MIT, I designed a Tech Center located in the Innovation District in South Boston, inspired by offices like Microsoft, Google, and Autodesk. South Boston is currently under construction, and a tech community is being developed there. In addition to the tech offices, the area also has many small galleries and design firms spread around (Figure 37). Thus, the building fosters the intersection between art and technology. 

          The building is formed around a central exchange zone (Figure 43). Its atrium serves as a gallery that the public can go into to see the work being done. As people circulate, they can enter smaller galleries in which they can see an exhibit by the lab, and people working. The spaces located to the sides of it hold more private spaces, like small firms, or offices. The façade furthers this idea, as the windows increase in size as they approach the atrium area. The building is held by columns around its perimeter, and by two cores next to the atrium, which also hold the elevator and fire escape stairs. Around these cores, small pieces of program like conference rooms, bathrooms or kitchenettes are organized. Finally, the building connects with the site through a landscape that allows for people to enjoy both the building and the waterfront.