Hidden Collection is a museum that is part of a mat building. To create it, I created an ever expansive system based on art from the 1960’s. 

The system consisted of a square grid that explored circulation possibilities when going from 2D to 3D. The essence of it consisted of a circulation of going up and down steps.

Because of this, my museum because a modular structure, placed within another structure like a convention center or a warehouse. It houses another museum’s hidden collection. The size of the steps were calibrated to be big enough to house objects, allow for people to sit down around them and appreciate them, but at the same time trigger a circulation and a constant movement across the ribbons. The six interlaced ribbons or systems of continuous steps were each assigned a theme (columns, armors, vases, weapons, instruments & furniture). No specific site was chosen, but possibilities of how the structure could be displayed and urbanistically placed were suggested.