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Keep Safe: A guide for Resilient Housing in Island Communities . 2018-2019

Keep Safe is a publication led by Enterprise Community Partners, written by over 100 students, professors and private practitioners after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017. The guide, comprised of 8 chapters, 25 strategies, and almost 500 pages, provides practical and affordable ideas to rebuild homes in a resilient manner.

The book is being distributed for free across Puerto Rican communities, and is also available online (see link below). The book was presented to Puerto Rico’s Housing Secretary and the Department of Housing to use as a starting point to develop allocation strategies of federal funds. The project also hosted an AIA webinar during the summer of 2020.

Role: Lead Editor

Team: Laurie Schoeman, Antonio Vazquez, Larisa Ovalles, Olaf Feliciano, Ashley Rosello, Tamara Perez, Amy McDonald, Miho Mazereeuw, Jen Mahan, Natalie Rivera, OGMA Language Studio, Yanel de Angel, Patrick Seymour, Anna Georas, Erika Ruiz, Antonio Garate, Janice Barnes, Michelle Sugden, Janet Mclavaine, Ernesto Cruz, Carlos Colon, Cynthia Barton. For a full list of advisors and collaborators, please see pages 13-21 of the guide.

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